12 December 2019Grande Dame : it's the end of the construction

In November 2018, we made news about a first step to replace a movement with two new jacks with a total strength of 15 tonnes on the La Grande Dame hydroelectric dam for the City of Magog in the province of Quebec.

The Grande Dame power station, built in 1911, is a Canadian hydroelectric power station located on the Magog River. It belongs to the city of the same name which is located in the province of Quebec not far from the North American border.

The height of its fall is estimated at 12 m and its energy potential is 1.6 megawatts.

Good news, a second operation has just started out as part of the complete reconstruction of the dam Grande Dame orchestrated by the city of Magog.

Always in collaboration with our partner Groupe Carbonneau (based near Bromont), the FEUGIER Environnement team designed and manufactured six sets of movements, for a total of 12 12-tonne capacity jacks that have just been installed for spillways.

Icing on the cake ! Currently, the teams are putting in place a rack-and-pinion mechanical jack - an innovation developed by FEUGIER Environnement - for a smaller regulating valve. The first rack-and-pinion mechanical cylinder to be exported to the North American continent!

Congratulations to the teams for the good work and thank you to the city of Magog for the renewed confidence and to our partner Groupe Carbonneau for our beautiful collaboration.