14 November 2019Successful operation to dry the Dam of Vaux

FEUGIER Environnement has just supplied 2 cofferdams to the civil engineering company MAÏA SONNIER, as part of the renovation of the dam of Vaux, and on behalf of the Voies Navigable de France.

Located near Auxerre, this dam of Vaux is now equipped with a new type of valve - called inflatable or valve "balloon".

To dry out as part of the maintenance, the teams of FEUGIER Environment designed and manufactured an upstream cofferdam and a cofferdam downstream of 27 meters long each.

Given the heights required by the specifications, a total of 450m of aluminum elements were delivered and installed, ie around 3.5 tonnes of aluminum.

The peculiarity of this book lies in the fixing of poles. "To strengthen the resistance, we designed stainless steel sleeves to insert the H steel," says Dylan CALARD in charge of this folder

A project that is out of the ordinary for environmental fire teams and which has been a great success with a result in terms of sealing in accordance with the specifications.

"We will be working more frequently on this type of project since the baffard system with aluminum elements is more and more required by the building owners for its lightness and simplicity and ease of maneuver" emphasizes Xavier Decomble, Managing Director of FEUGIER Environnement.

It is a very nice team work and a nice collaboration with our client.
Thank you all.