19 July 2019The EPTB Seine Grand Lac is satisfied by FEUGIER Environnement products.

The EPTB is a public river-basin territorial agency based in Paris.

The organization manages through four reservoir lakes (Lake Der on the Marne, Lake Amance and Temple Lake on the Aube, the Lake of the Orient Forest on the Seine and Lake Pannecière on the 'Yonne), the risks of Seine’s flooding and its tributaries, as well as their flow. He is also working on protecting the environment and anticipating climate change on these rivers.

These lakes are equipped with regulating structures.

A maintenance operation was necessary on the gates of Lake Orient, reservoir lake Aube and allowing its regulation upstream.

The EPTB Seine Grand Lac has entrusted FEUGIER Environnement with the design and construction of cofferdams enabling the valve to be kept dry for the duration of its maintenance. The latter requires an operation of 4 to 5 months, meaning an establishment until the month of September. The cofferdams will then be installed on the second valve to perform a new maintenance operation.

Our client has just given us another project to realize with two other cofferdams on a distribution structure, this time located upstream of the Seine to operate in maintenance.

Our client used this type of cofferdam for the first time. He told us that he was positively surprised and appreciated his maneuverability, lightness and simplicity of implementation.

We thank the EPTB Seine Grand Lac for the projects entrusted to us.

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