5 February 2020Quality over time : promise kept !

FEUGIER Environment has endeavored since 1821 to offer quality products.

We can still see today that our company keeps its promises!

The village of Coteaux du Lizon, near Saint Claude in the Jura asked the company FEUGIER Environnement a second time to replace a German mechanism dating from 1904 on the Cuttura dam, which was no longer in working order.
The mechanism will be installed side by side with a FEUGIER Environment mechanism also dating from 1904 and whose state is "perfectly operational" to use the words of the manager of the work, Mister DUCHEMIN.
There is no doubt, this demonstrates the quality and resistance of FEUGIER products made 100% French.

This quality is also thanks to the know-how of our team so congratulations to all!